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What Is A Thigh Lift?

Do you have extra skin that hangs on your thighs? Are you embarrassed to wear leg-revealing clothing or bathing suits in public? Have you lost weight but need some assistance with the leftover skin to finalize your weight loss transformation? If so, you may be seeking the expertise of a knowledgeable cosmetic plastic surgeon like our board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon, Dr. William Vinyard.

At his practice, Vinyard Institute of Plastic Surgery (VIPS), in Port Saint Lucie, FL Dr. Vinyard regularly consults with patients who have aesthetic concerns about their thighs. Dr. Vinyard offers thigh lift surgery (also known as thighplasty) at VIPS, which removes the redundant, hanging on the outer or inner thighs to reveal a firmer, more contoured appearance. If you would like to know more about thigh lifts, please call and schedule a consultation at our office today.


We see many men and women at VIPS who are not satisfied with the appearance or size of their thighs. Patients who are ideal candidates for this cosmetic surgery will have hanging, loose, or wrinkly skin on the thighs (either the inner or outer thighs or both), thigh lift surgery may be a big help. Please remember that if cellulite is your main problem, Dr. Vinyard can suggest other procedures that are designed to help decrease the appearance of cellulite. Losing weight is usually the main culprit of why our patients have flaccid skin on the thighs. Depending on how long you had extra weight and how much weight you lost, hanging skin may be a  concern if the skin was not able to go back to your original size and shape of your body. Older patients may experience sagging thighs as a result of genetics and/or the natural aging process of the skin. Also, we see women whose body shape changed after a pregnancy and never returned to its normal shape. These are all ideal candidates for a thigh lift.

What's The Technique?

Dr. Vinyard can perform your thigh lift at an accredited surgical center or hospital where he has medical privileges. Once you are in the operating room and under a general anesthesia, an incision is made for your inner or outer thigh lift. Inner thigh lift incisions will start close to the top portion of the thigh (in your natural crease) in the direction of your groin. This incision typically continues to a midpoint of the inner thigh area. Outer thigh lift incisions are also made in the groin area, but are extended to the outer hip area for more coverage. The incisions will leave room for Dr. Vinyard to use a cannula for liposuction (if necessary) to remove isolated pockets of fat as well as to trim all the loose skin at the selected area. The remaining skin will be pulled upward so it is tight and safely secured with sutures. In specific cases, an incision may be necessary in the outer thigh area or underneath the buttocks, depending on the amount of tissue being removed. This surgery at VIPS reshapes your thigh area, leaving a proportionate, tight, better-contoured appearance.

What Can I Expect?

Thigh lift surgery takes an average of 2 – 3 hours to complete. After the surgery is over, you will be monitored and then sent home to begin your recovery. There is typically bruising, swelling, and discomfort during the first days of recovery. Within a few days, most patients are up and slowly walking, which is recommended for improved blood circulation and speedier healing. The full recovery period typically takes about 6 – 8 weeks. At-home wound care instructions provided by Dr. Vinyard will help the incision to heal well. Even though there will be some scarring, the new shape and contour of your thighs will help you wear your clothing better than before and much more self confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does thigh lift surgery cost?
The total cost of thigh lift surgery will include Dr. Vinyard's surgical and professional fees. As soon as Dr. Vinyard has created your custom thigh lift surgical plan in your consultation, he will be better equipped to estimate your costs. Since a thigh lift is considered a cosmetic plastic surgery, insurance generally will not cover it. VIPS can help you find low-interest financing through CareCredit that will make your thighplasty more affordable.

Will a thigh lift remove cellulite or stretch marks?
A thigh lift is an excellent surgical choice for slimming the contour of your legs and enhancing their overall appearance. Since the procedure calls for skin tightening and the removal of extra fat, a thigh lift can improve the appearance of cellulite or other skin irregularities (like stretch marks) on your thighs. If you are interested in addressing cellulite or stretch marks, let Dr. Vinyard know during your consultation so he can adjust your surgical plan, which may include some nonsurgical treatments after surgery.

How long will my results last?
If you follow a healthy lifestyle that includes a proper diet and regular exercise, you should enjoy the results of your thigh lift for a long time. Dr. Vinyard recommends you be at or near a sustainable weight before surgery so it is easy to maintain your results. Pregnancy or significant weight changes after a thighplasty can compromise your results. During your consultation, Dr. Vinyard will talk about what you can do to make your surgical results last longer. As you get older, you will see less elasticity in your skin from the natural aging process. 

Can I combine a thigh lift with other surgeries?
Thigh lifts can be added onto other plastic surgeries if Dr. Vinyard approves it. Many women add a thigh lift into their mommy makeover. We have weight loss patients seeking thigh lifts to remove the redundant thigh skin that causes irritation and is not aesthetically pleasing. During your consultation, talk to Dr. Vinyard about all your concerning areas and aesthetic goals so he can create a treatment plan that gives you the results you want. Also, some of our patients use their thigh fat to have it transferred to other body parts for a more natural augmentation instead of using fillers or implants. Thigh fat can be transferred to the face, breasts, and buttocks.

What about a nonsurgical thigh lift?
While there are nonsurgical options for fat reduction and skin tightening, they can only support small improvements. A thighplasty is the best way to address the moderate-to-severe amount of redundant skin and stubborn pockets of fat on your legs. If you are interested in nonsurgical procedures, ask Dr. Vinyard for more information during your consultation. He will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of surgical and nonsurgical thigh treatments available to you at VIPS, as well as his opinion on which would be the right fit for your intentions.

Get Tighter, Toned Thighs

If you have sagging skin on your inner or outer thighs that causes anxiety or embarrassment, we invite you to call VIPS in Port Saint Lucie, FL to learn more about thighplasty. It is common for patients to combine this procedure with other contouring procedures, especially surgeries that correct loose skin on the mid-to-low areas of the torso including a tummy tuck or a lower body lift. Schedule your consultation with cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Vinyard and get the slimmer appearance you desire.

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